Pierfrancesco Iazeolla

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Pierfrancesco Iazeolla, a magna cum laude graduate from LUISS, Rome, has 25-years of marketing experience and in developing and constructing venues in the 5-a-side business. Pierfrancesco is one of the most respected consultants in the world of  5-a-side soccer.  Fluent in 4 languages, PI’s background includes small-sided soccer experiences in England, France, Italy and Spain where he collaborated with FC Barcelona. He created and developed  Jorkyball, the 2-a-side football game that was popular in Europe in the 90’s and in the last decade. In 2003, he founded Futbol Futbol, the very first 5-a-side network of independent clubs in France. In 2004, he created WSB, the only full-service Company in the 5-a-side business Worldwide, that has now become WSBSPORT.

Favourite Football Club: A.S. Roma

Miguel Bonilla

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Global Sales Manager


Miguel Bonilla  graduated in Finance (BAC +5) at ITESM in Mexico City and earned a Masters Degree at UBU in Burgos, Spain. He was a professional player of pelota vasca for five years and then he became the trainer of the French pelota vasca National Team until 2004. At the end of 2004, Miguel met Pierfrancesco in a French Jorkyball international tournament and he became his partner for the distribution of Jorkyball courts in Mexico City, together they opened the first Jorkyball centre in the country.  In 2008, he moved to Paris as WSBSPORT Marketing officer managing the  Futbol Futbol brand. In 2012, Miguel became Sales Manager for the French market and  advised on more than 30 projects all over the world. In 2015, he became a partner and Global Sales Manager at  WSBSPORT. Miguel  is fluent in four languages: English, French, Spanish and Italian.

Favourite Football Club: Real Madrid F.C.


Romain Sombret

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Romain Sombret  was educated at Kedge Business School where he earned a Masters 2 in 1999 and an Executive MBA in 2009. His background includes 15 years of experience in International Business (Sector: Telecom) where he mastered Supply Chain, Program Management and Sales & Marketing responsibilities.
He met Pierfrancesco Iazeolla in 2012 during the opening of his first club: Monclub Futbol. In 2015 he joined WSBSPORT as Global Counselor for new projects all around the world. Since then, he has advised on 8 projects for customers in Countries like United States, France, Portugal, Morocco, Algeria and Australia. Romain and Pierfrancesco are also partners in MLMC, a holding company that owns two clubs in the South of France. Together with Olimpique Marseille, he developed OM Ludiq Camp, a concept academy for children 4 to 9 years old, for 7 5-a-side soccer centers in Europe and Africa. He is fluent in three languages: French, English and Spanish.

Favourite Football Club: Olimpique Marseille

Luca Bartolini

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Luca Bartolini was born in 1988 in Rome. In 2014, he graduated in Building Engineering at Tor Vergata University in Rome.  After a period spent in Ireland, working in Architecture and Engineering studios, he met Pierfrancesco and joined WSBSPORT.  This allowed him to combine his main passions: football, constructions and travelling. He is currently Chief Technical Officer. He is responsible for Product Innovation, Quality Control, Production Chain Management, Technical Inspections on site, Construction Site Organization and Security, Engineering and the Architectural Design of sports clubs. Luca is fluent in four languages: Italian, English, Spanish and French. His hobbies include  football, tennis, padel, skiiing, photography, reading and videogames.

Favorite Football Club: S.S. Lazio

Barbara Robin

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Graduated in Marketing and Communications, Barbara worked in TV production and the music industry before joining the sports market.

In 2009, Barbara joined one of her friends in the 5-a-side soccer adventure in France, and worked in one of the 1st centers opened around Paris. During the following 5 years, she developed her skills in Le Five company. Barbara started as a center staff member before becoming manager of the biggest center in Europe: Le Five Paris (12 fields). From 2012 to 2014, she was Marketing Director of the group in France (25 centers). She quit her job at the end of 2014 with the desire to help project holders to open their centers abroad. Barbara had the chance to work 6 months on the opening of US 5 Center, in Los Angeles, where she met Pierfrancesco. Since then, she has joined the WSBSPORT team and worked with them on many projects around the world.

Favourite soccer team : France National Team

Thibault Leflot

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After graduating in Marketing & Management, Thibault earned a Master in Sport Management at Audencia Nantes in 2006. He worked for Olimpique de Marseille as coordinator of UEFA Champions League matches and from 2011 to 2017 he worked for Zidane Sport Concept (Z5 sport centers) as commercial, marketing and communication manager. He joined WSBSPORT in December 2017 as Expert with focus on marketing and management. He is passionate about architecture, yoga, travelling and literature. He represented the France futsal national team twice.

Favorite football team: Olympique de Marseille

Evelyn Parretti

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Sales Admin


Evelyn was born in Orvieto in 1973. After studying in Paris and Los Angeles she graduated in 2000 in Literature at the Univiersity “La Sapienza” of Rome.
After working for several companies she had the desire to move abroad and so, thanks to the opportunity given by Piero, she went to work in Barcelona for the WSB QUALITY COURTS.
She is currently administrative manager and office coordinator.
She is fluent in four languages: Italian, English, French and Spanish.
She is passionate about travelling, cinema and literature.

Pascal Hoffmann

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Sales Expert


Established in Mauritius for over 25 years and after a brief career in the hotel industry, Pascal Hoffman has made his career in the nightlife and hospitality sector. In addition to the day-to-day management of the islands’ most well-known brands, Pascal has also created the concepts and worked on their implementation, the latest of which are: OMG and the ’55 (lounge club and restaurant). During all these years in contact with customers, Pascal is gradually building a well-supplied repertoire of people from a wide variety of professional backgrounds; foreigners wishing to invest and settle in Mauritius. With this rich experience, Pascal reconverted professionally in 2015 and decided to offer his services to foreigners who want to buy a property in Mauritius. From 2018 Pascal put his expertise to the benefit of the creators of sports spaces, including indoor soccer, paddle, squash, badminton. Pascal in partnership with recognized and certified professionals: lawyers, accountants, notaries, interior decorator among others is able to guide you at his best.

Sebastian Läger

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eSports Counselor


Everybody in the scene knows me as “Heflamoke” . I spawned out of the primordial soup of competitive gaming in the late nineties, which later took shape and we started to called it “esports”.

Throughout the almost 2 decades lasting journey I have explored every corner of the industry and eventually found myself as an entrepreneur mainly utilizing that very set of experience. The esports industry is, even with everything we achieved the last years. still largely unexplored with great potential.

The ventures I create or advise mostly settle in new markets, new technologies or proven business models / products from other industries crossing over. ” … Where No Man Has Gone Before …” – Is one of the motives I have in mind with every project I choose to support or create.

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