Sports and eSports in Soccer: WSBSPORT is at the forefront

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Market, transfers, championships standstill, stadiums of 80,000 full seats, cash prizes worth € 500,000 … do you think we are still talking about soccer?

Well no, the market we are talking about is that of eSports, the competitive version of video games.

The world’s first cultural product, video games have become part of the lifestyle and habits of the Millenials (15-35 years). Naturally, competitions are already held and there is also talk of the entry of the eSport to the Olympic Games in 2024.

To follow this trend, WSBSPORT will soon launch an eSport offer within two pilot complexes of 150 squared meters, near a large French metropolis (Marseille). We will also offer a range of services including: championships, tournaments, academies and we will test this new market for you …

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