Sport and E-Sport in a football complex: dream or reality?

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In recent years E-Sport is an activity that has increasingly taken hold in Asia.

This phenomenon is also coming in Europe and WSBSPORT is testing for you this market and the possibility of associating this activity with a multi E-sport complex.

Today we will try to answer the question: “Is E-sport a sport?”

We have been at ESP Consulting whose concept is “to provide everyone with their experience in high-level sports to optimize their health and their daily performances”:

The player in the picture is Cabochard, a team member of Vitality as Lolan’s Toplaner (League of Legend). The tests he has faced are the same as for high-level athletes and through the test balance you can establish an individualized training plan.

In short, we understand that E-Sports players seek excellence in terms of performance, attention to detail and daily training … like real sportsmen!

We will continue our investigations and will keep you updated!


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