Realization times

6 to 12 months


Carlstadt, NJ, USA





To have a profitable club you have to meet specific criteria. As most retailer businesses, a 5-a-side facility is largely a business of fixed-costs. Sofive founders Jean Damien and Charels approached WSBSPORT when they started their pilot club in New York. One  of the key decisions they needed to take was about the most suitable location. They had picked 2 sites that seemed perfect, one of them had room for 4 courts and the other for 8 courts.
We recommended the 8 courts one, by saying that they would have filled them up easily in peak-hours, but the budget wasn’t available and they were about to choose smaller one.

Sofive founders are very prepared and competent young entrepreneurs capable of attracting investor money to their ventures. In order to overcome the impass we decided to rent them, instead of selling the structures for the 4 additional courts. This allowed them to budget  for the larger facility virtually at the same investment. Now Sofive has opened a second facility in Philadelphia, and WSBSPORT has extended the rental model for the new club as well.

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