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Paris Bercy


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Meters of the Pitch



WSBSPORT is always looking for new opportunities to broaden its horizons and raise awareness of its work / brand. This time he lent himself to being one of the protagonists of the preview of the film “Comme des garcons”. The comedy tells the story of the birth of the first women’s soccer team in France in 1969.

For this occasion WSBSPORT with its partner Italgreen, after a careful evaluation of the spaces and materials, built a 5-a-side field at the entrance to the UGC cinema cine cité Bercy, in Paris.

The pitch was the place of passage for the guests’ access to the screening rooms. It was also possible for all the guests to challenge the actors of comedy and professional soccer players. WSBSPORT took the opportunity to build a field in an unusual space compared to classic places. In this way we showed that sport can be demonstrated on every terrain.

WSBSPORT has  invited Sarah Leleu Tavano, with whom she recently signed an agreement, to take part in this initiative.

WSBSPORT will create the first 5-a-side center completely dedicated to women’s football in France. This will allow us to meet two realities: that of digital and that of the female sector. WSBSPORT’s CEO Pierfrancesco Iazeolla said that the opportunity to work with Le Hall (this is the name of the center that will be inaugurated in 2018) on this unique occasion could strengthen the values ​​of the WSBSPORT brand that has always worked to transform the 5-a-side into an international sport for everyone.

Thanks to this opportunity WSBSPORT was able not only to affirm its distinguished professionalism, but was able also to create new meeting points in the world of women’s football.

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