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Bouc-Bel-Air, France





Making a difference

Many companies sell licenses to operate a 5-a-side club. But only WSBSPORT contributes decisively to the implementation of the project. Two factors determine, among others, the success of a club. The agreement for the land, or the premises, and the manager’s ability.

Sometimes you meet a professional with enormous potential, but the space at his disposal is not in the right place or is too expensive. It’s a shame, because a quality manager deserves a quality site.

Back in 2010, an experience with Decathlon convinced us to consider the search for the site a key priority. We knew that the Decathlon group was planning to promote the creation of sports activities close to the brand’s stores and that, for that purpose, had bought adjacent land. 5-a-side was among the proposed activities.

WSBSPORT signed an agreement with the Decathlon group to implement and manage, through its subsidiary Monclub Sas, a 5-a-side club in Bouc-Bel-Air, one of France’s largest Decathlon stores. The rent agreed, partly fixed and partially variable, was perfect for promoting the start-up of a profitable business.

After defining the land agreement,  we had to look for the right manager for a very promising facility. After a careful selection, the ideal manager was  identified and after 4 years  Monclub Futbol of Bouc-Bel-Air  is probably the best club in the Futbol Futbol network.

When the ideal manager meets the ideal site, everything becomes easier. Unfortunately this is not always possible. But when you have the right place, then you can accomplish a win-win operation.

This experience was so successful, Romain Sombret, the manager we selected for Monclub became a partner of WSBSPORT and is now responsible for counseling and training the managers of future clubs created by us.

In addition to finding the ideal venue, WSBSPORT helped  launch  the project with a contribution of 50% of the equity in exchange for the commitment of the manager to repurchase the WSBSPORT shares at a predetermined price on the basis of turnover. We then took on the  design, completely furbished the club from A to Z and provided IT and video solutions. For the first time in France, the Buzz (a magic button that lets you register the match highlights) has been introduced, which is now used by all of the world’s best soccer clubs.

WSBSPORT brings to licensed clubs  not just a management know-how, but key information and benefits fundamental for the project’s success. Futbol Futbol clubs, however, remain independent clubs that managers can handle as they wish with only 2 obligations: participating in FF activities and using licensed partner products.

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