Realization times

6 months


Saint-Marcel, Marseille


250 000€



Sustainable Soccer Experience

Monclub started to expand 4 years after their first opening. Their second club was in Saint-Marcel, Marseilles.

The French 5-a-side market  in the last 4 years changed, becoming more saturated.  Monclub 2.0 investors had to differentiate themselves from the average market proposal and offer a high-quality product.
This decision led to the creation of a Club House above the standards. The Club House was made inside an industrial warehouse built from scratch to give more space as possible to the pitches. It was high in order to create scenic rooftops from where people can enjoy a 360° view of the pitches.

To achieve this results, we built an actual steel frame and the slab was made of foil and concrete casting. This structure was  completed with walls and counter-wall made of plasterboard, hydrophobic in the locker rooms and fireproof for the technical rooms, in order to isolate thermally the indoor spaces. Nothing has been left to chance and we dedicated  attention to all the details. Our clients wanted to have an actual kitchen in the Club House to  create an experience  for families and general public. The locker rooms and the kitchen are completely  waterproof and upholstered with ceramic tiles in the colours of the new club designing  geometrical motives on the floor and the walls, and covering the benches.
The external prospect of the warehouse was transformed on the basis of the internal spaces and characterized by glass openings. Moreover, it is particular because of two external bodies that contain stairs and emergency lift and a small roof near to the entry of the restaurant.

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