Realization times

12 months


Tirepied, France






The project of FDLB was born in 2015, created by Aurelien Sonnet from Genech, a small town in Lower Normandy. The area was deprived of 5-a-side clubs, therefore the business opportunity existed, on condition of respecting cost-effectiveness criteria needed to make profitable a 5-a-side business based in a town with few inhabitants.
Aurelien’s budget did not exceed 5.000€, however after one and a half-year the club opened in Tirepied with 3 pitches: 2 5-a-side and 1 4v4 football.


Besides budget, the first challenge was finding a location that didn’t need much work. Aurelien was able to involve the town he lived in and they granted him a new property settled in a strategic area. The ecosite, composed by structures made of laminated wood, roofs covered with steel and photovoltaic panels, was located 600 meters far from the Autoroute des Estuaires, on the route Calais-Bayonne, between Caen and Rennes, 1 km far from Avranches and near to the Granville port and the ports of Bretagne.
The second challenge was the inability to obtain a loan large enough from the banks, due to the low personal contribution. Nevertheless, Aurelien was very motivated and his motivation convinced his future suppliers-partners, to contribute in reinforcing his dossier. In the end, Futbol Futbol gave him the web suite and the cash register and the reservation manager along with the formation and the territorial exclusivity in exchange of a monthly fee of 500€.


WSBSPORT followed the project from the beginning. Some arrangement plans was prepared in order to take advantage of the available space. In collaboration with Aurelien, a forecast report was completed and supported with the brand Futbol Futbol in order to reassure banks about the reliability of the project. In order to move up the launch and start to create a customer base, WSBSPORT made available a field that could be disassembled of 4v4 football that he used to organize tournaments and fun activities during summer. Nowadays, the pitch is installed inside the centre, but it will be easily disassembled and will allow Aurelien to promote his centre outside during municipal events and at the same time guarantee extra revenues from the location of the structure.  During construction phase, Aurelien was formed at Monclub Futbol in Bouc-Bel-Air.

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