OM Ludiq CampMarseille x 4

Realization times

6 to 12 months


Algiers, Toulouse


250 000€


3000M2 capacity


Owning a Five a Side business is not only about renting fields after 6PM
With a fierce competition landscape, the french market pushed some players to develop other parts of activities to remain profitable. Our challenge is to find a way to rent hours on which core business customers are not available to play. Developing Academies and Camps is one of the most efficient way to create extra business for a soccer facility


When creating this kind of new business, the whole approach has to be changed. You are not talking anymore to 25-45 years male but to 30-50 year old mums! Wording is  not the same, content is targeted, marketing approach is totally different. You also have to oversee  the people you will hire to manage kids, be sure they stick 100% with your positioning: you won’t compete with local soccer clubs, your academy can not be a sport club and has to be a high level training venue. Once you have conquered a first base of 50 kids, you can move to different stages and develop your concept : create an association, be closer to the Soccer Federation, contact the local professional team near  you to create partnerships, develop kids tournaments and invite professionals. Be good and let the word of mouth work.


Building kids programs is not only a business oriented action, this will also give a different brand value to the club and engage the whole community. It creates a special energy and will help you develop a different network.

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