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Planning and development of a Club House and locker rooms are a crucial element of success for a new 5-a-side club, but it is a common mistake to think that the investment must be necessarily high.

Planning these spaces must take into consideration many things, first of all the analysis of the background in which the new club is about to be built.

An good example is the first club of the FitFive chain. It was launched in Bruxelles in collaboration with WSBSPORTS. The club is located in a residential area of central Brussels, near the famous Atomium with many schools and families. It is the perfect habitat for a sport club and allows Fit Five to have a turnout off the charts, especially considering 15 to 30 years olds. On the other side,being central, the space is small. Because of this, many pitches as possible were built, optimizing financial resources and sacrificing the Club House that, due to the target, was not the most important thing in this club.

Fit Five closed only a small area of the warehouse where the pitches were located with a plasterboard wall and positioned the locker rooms in the remaining space. Locker rooms were made thermally isolated and covered with grey ceramic tiles to make them waterproof. This allowed the focus to be on the indoor spaces outfits in order to give an identity to the club and create comfortable spaces.

An accurate architectural design of the spaces can guarantee quality with standard materials without using expensive solutions. In this case, only raw wood boards and plasterboard were used. To decorate the club, the choice was an artificial grass field for the floor and basic furniture that recalls the distinctive colours of the chain. Using these few elements allowed us to create a comfortable habitat easy to reproduce in all the Fit Five clubs at a reasonable budget.

The spaces needed to manage this club were reduced as much as possible and fully optimized but, thanks to the attention to detail, the experience is consistent with the necessities of the costumer creating an efficient solution in line with the brand.

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