Realization times

12 months


Oujda, Morocco




In 2014, 5-a-side in Morocco represented a good bet because only 11-a-side and 7-a-side football pitches existed and were mostly public.  The market seemed poised for growth in the next 5 years  as  French trends still influence the habits of thousands of Moroccans and 5-a-side has become a lifestyle for French people.

Technical Solution and Maintenance

The client was already the owner of the land and had his own architect in charge to build the club. WSBSPORT was called to build the pitches. A basic advice that we gave to the client was to cover the fields so they could be used at all times in all  weather.

After a technical inspection that allowed us to adapt the pitch to the local necessities of the client, the pitch was built in our atelier in Italy and then delivered to Oujda, in order to be installed. The sand to fill the grass was bought from a local supplier in order to reduce material and transportation costs.

The turf installed was 2 stars FIFA by Italgreen.

WSBSPORT training and future project

One month after the launch, the client contacted us again to request Marketing & Club Management training for the club staff.  Nowadays the club generates turnover of €14.000 per month (only one pitch) and works to full capacity everyday.  After 2 years, the client made a deal with the city of Oujda to obtain a plot of land of 10.000 square metres in the central area of the city with an excellent rental agreement. The land was used to create a second club in Oujda with   6 5-a-side pitches opening in spring 2018. WSBSPORT will be the exclusive provider for this new project.

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