Captain Contrat is a french start-up that allows its clients to take care of the legal issues related to the creation of new companies thanks to an online platform and the help of qualified lawyers.

Through the partnership WSBSPORT will be able to offer, along with the classic consultancy bundle, the possibility to start a company in order to raise capital required by the project’s feasibility study.

The client will be provided from the start with the right means to engage the first investors, the so called F&F&F (friends and families and fools) through a financial tool created ad hoc by WSBSPORT and Captain Contrat to make the raising of initial capital easier.

When and if the project proceeds to the next level, the new company will be used to raise capital a second time for the club’s construction and launch. The offer will be initially available only for French clients.

If you want to find out more about Captain Contrat, visit the website:

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