Video games have become part of the lifestyle of many millennials. eSports represent the global rise of young people playing and watching competitive video games. This new activity offers a deeply engaging experience for the type of clientele to which it is mainly addressed. Big companies like Redbull and Coca Cola have become part of this world to promote their brand to young people.

The global eSports market continues to grow rapidly as its main clientele expands. The numbers behind this market are impressive. In 2017, eSports shifted to 655 million dollars globally, a 33% increase over the previous year. As for the views, the results are also quite staggering. In 2017 there were approximately 380 million viewers, with an annual growth rate of 14.4%.

ESports show three main features: They are highly competitive; They have pressing rhythms and show less dead times than traditional sports. They are also very audience orientated and can be easily optimized to provide the best possible experience.

WSBSPORT has had the opportunity to speak with one of the representatives of the Empoli eSport team, Alessandro Fortunato, to receive information about the training structure of a professional FIFA player: “The training that eSport players must face is not very different from the training of a traditional sport. At a professional level, you train 4 hours a day when you are not close to events. Then there is the study of the opponents, the mental coaching to face difficult situations and finally the gym to release stress and take care of the image “.

To be more involved in Italy, WSBSPORT is evaluating its inclusion in this market with the idea of launching a consulting service entirely dedicated to eSports. The mission of WSBSPORT in this sense is to support the development of a practice that has made a sensational entry into the major markets worldwide, proposing services that are complementary to the business models of a traditional sports complex. For example, the creation of an eSport Academy inside a sports complex, where children will be able to cultivate their passions by joining both an eSport team and practicing their favorite sport activity.

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