We met Claudio Ciferri who with his team, Everton, participated for two consecutive years in the Neymar Jr’s Five tournament. WSBSPORT decided to interview him to obtain a more specific insight about the structure of the tournament. Claudio and his team won the Italian tour final and flew to Santos, Brazil, as one of the main guests of the Institute Projeto Neymar Jr.

“Everton is a team made up of old friends with a background in the football world who are together to have fun. We have participated in many tournaments, in Italy (already winners of the Red Bull Winning Five edition) and in Europe, where the notion of a soccer pitch is not always the canonical one “.

In fact, there are many cities where the boys found themselves playing, from Manchester to Paris, passing through Amsterdam and Berlin, all with different organizational characteristics.

Last year then the international final of Neymar Jr’s 5 in Brazil. A group not easy for the Roman team; after qualifying as thirds in the group (including among others teams from Australia, Portugal, Bosnia, Hong Kong and Ireland) they managed to beat Switzerland until they reached the quarterfinals where they lost in penalties with Romania (Tournament winner ) The structure that hosted the tournament, that of Projeto Neymar Jr, provided complete hospitality to players from 47 different countries.

Having seen how tournaments are organized around Europe and Italy, Claudio explained that the concept of club is not always the same.

So we asked him what to expect to find in a club: “The experience that I expect to live is 360 °, from the moment I enter the locker room to the post game. I hope there is a store where I can rely in case I forgot some of my gear, or a space where I can relax with my friends after having fun playing for example “.

Neymar’s Jr Five has reached its third edition and this year will host teams from 60 countries. In Italy the tournament will start on April 7th in Milan and will proceed in another 7 stages until May 26th. Also this year the winning team will fly to Brazil for the grand event final.

WSBSPORT together with its partner Italgreen provided the field for the 2017 national final that took place in Milan.

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