WSBSPORT has introduced a new resource into its team. Thibault Leflot, who has worked for the Olympique de Marseille, will be the consultant who will take care of who plans to open a new center from A to Z.

Today he tells us a little more about himself:

I’ve always loved playing soccer indoor since I was a kid and the tournaments in my club were the best time of the year.

My passion took a different route when in France I saw the concept of 5-a-side arrive in the early 2000s and I created a master thesis in sports management on the following question: “The activity of renting of football grounds can be part of a profitable business? “After a 6 month research work, the answer was … yes!

After 3 years at the Olympique de Marseille as head of marketing and coordinator of the UEFA Champions League parties, I return to my initial 5-a-side passion for a project … no matter what. I’m called by Zinedine Zidane who opens the Z5 center in Aix-en-Provence! My mission will be to make a way that the center is operational and to manage the marketing, commercial, communication and events. Four years later I was appointed director of the development of Z5 with 3 openings of new centers: two franchising centers and the center of Turin, the first international branch of the Z5 group.

The experience enriched me and the moments spent alongside Zinedine Zidane were incredible. His professionalism and his need are remarkable; this allowed me to grow in my work. One of the most beautiful moments was the organization of the 40 years of Zizou with 800 people and more than 40 media.

The adventure continues with the 5-a-side with my arrival at WSBSPORT as a consultant. I accompany those who have a project and hopes to open a center, coordinate the set of actions: market study, geomarketing, real estate research, business plans, offers, investor search techniques, business launch, company.

I appreciate the work with the WSBSPORT team: professionalism, ambition, experience; all the conditions are brought together in the realization of new projects.

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