Introducing 5-a-side soccer in the Mexican Market


The 5-a-side soccer market in Latin America is different in every country. For example, in Mexico 5-a-side is almost non-existent, while 7-a-side soccer is very popular. What comes closest to 5-a-side is what in Mexico is called “fútbol rápido” or the so-called indoor soccer, the activity that comes from the transformation of a hockey field into a 5-a-side field.

The business model of clubs in Mexico is very similar to the model used in Italy. Clubs have a maximum of 3 or 4 soccer pitches of 7-a-side and generate their activity through the rental of pitches and the formation of championships or tournaments.

5-a-side in Mexico is best known as a niche market. Mexico, like most Latin American countries, is characterized by a marked economic gap between the social classes. Therefore, 5-a-side is practiced in specific areas where people have greater purchasing power.

Mexico is a country strongly influenced by US trends. Therefore, it is foreseeable to think that thanks to the continuous expansion of 5-a-side soccer in the United States, this market could acquire much more popular among the most popular sports-recreational activities in Mexico.

In our opinion, the presence of important Mexican football icons will play a fundamental role in the dissemination of this discipline. Oribe Peralta, an infamous international striker, and player of Club de Fútbol América, has already contacted one of our experts to receive more information regarding the creation of 5 a side clubs.

Opening a 5-a-side club is increasingly requiring the intervention of specialists. WSBSPORT is the only company in the world that offers its customers a 360° business service. The services offered range from financial assistance to training of staff to the construction and assembly of playgrounds. Over the years many professional football players such as Jordi Alba (FC Barcelona), Djibril Sidibe (AS Monaco), Ryad Boudebouz (Real Betis) and Kurt Zouma (Stoke City) have contacted us to create new 5-a-side clubs.

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