How is League of Legends strengthening the eSports world.


With the recent participation in the world cup held in South Korea, the game labeled by Riot continues to deliver impetus to the sector.

League of Legends, the famous game MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) of Riot founded in 2009, has just closed another glorious page of the history of eSports.

The eighth edition of the LOL world championship has returned to South Korea, the country that gave birth to 3 of the 6 winning teams of the tournament (including the SK Telekom T1, who raised 32 kilos of Summoner’s Cup for 3 times).

Despite the Korean domination over the years in the 2018 final, held in Incheon in the presence of about 50000 spectators, the Fnatic team (Europe) and the Invictus Gaming (China) faced each other, with the latter having the win on their western rivals.

The competition consists of 24 teams and took place in 2 phases: phase A and direct elimination.

The presence of a Chinese team in the final has certainly helped to create a stunning following. It is estimated that the final reached about 200 million viewers.

It is impressive to know that all this concerns a game that is only at its eighth edition of the World Cup and that in 2011 it obtained an audience of 100,000 spectators.

The fundamental aspect of LOL is to always be at stake and in order to improve in all its aspects, it has always been committed to the community and has mainly responded with great responsibility in balancing the questions posed by the Los Angeles company.

The decisive moment in which LOL traced its winning path was probably when it decided, in 2012, to organize the tournament by itself, and in fact, formalize a competition and make the same climax of an entire eSport season where the qualified teams have already created a solid foundation.

Spectacularization is another concept that has accompanied the organizers of Riot to join major sporting events such as American football. In recent years they have decided to stage a mini-concert after the end of the first half of the Superbowl.

Finally, League of Legends has been able to publicize the competition through banners posted along the map of the game and a massive assortment of collectibles and “world” skins, applicable to their sample,s were purchased within the e-commerce platform of Riot during the tournament.


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