Green Coated Rubber vs Black Rubber


The installation of synthetic turf fields has skyrocketed in recent years. For example only in the U.S. there are estimated to be over 11,000 fields using synthetic grass. Although synthetic fields may offer some benefits over natural grass, a number of news features and studies have raised questions about the environmental and health impacts of synthetic turf. A few of these concerns are: Presence of metals and chemicals in the rubber infills, which results unhealthy for the players.

In the U.S. most of the pitches and turfs are installed using black rubber infill, which is obtained from old tires. Unfortunately old tires contain a considerable amount of chemicals such as zinc, carbon black and other toxic elements that significantly limits the useful life of the synthetic turfs. A much more safe and durable alternative to the traditional black rubber infill is found in the green-coated rubber.

Several independent tests and reports highlight the significant reduction of VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) and heavy metals from the use of green- coated rubber. A demonstration of this fact was taken from a report of the company LaboSport, which tests both the presence of heavy metals and chemical elements in the green-coated rubber gum infill and the black rubber gum infill.

Table1: LaboSport test report on presence of heavy metals in rubber.

Both the green-coated rubber and the black rubber pass the SEM (scanning electron microscope) test following the DIN requirements. However, in the black rubber there is a higher presence of heavy metals, which in consequence indicates a greater toxicity of the rubber gum. The green-coated gum makes the synthetic turf healthier, and more powerful than other types of infills such as the black gum. The PAH (Polyclinic Aromatic Hydrocarbon) test evidences the presence of higher toxic elements in the black rubber.

Table 2: LaboSport test report on PAH test.


WSBSPORT provides to its clients the installment of top quality pitches and turfs. These turfs have, upon other characteristics, the particularity of being fitted with green-coated rubber, which as evidenced previously delivers a higher useful life to the pitches and most importantly a more sustainable environmental impact.

Remain updated on our website for further information regarding the installment of turfs and for many other services concerning the world of 5-a-side soccer. The next article will concern the solutions for the disposal of synthetic turfs at the time of removal.



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