The 5-a-side soccer business is calling to you, but you want to be sure that your investment will be profitable in the long run?

We own 5-a-side soccer centers ourselves, and we can offer you the operating experience we have gained to give your project the best chance of success. Using 40 key questions, we will help you think about and look for the necessary information before starting off on a project of this size.

The questions we use are based on experience; we won’t administer a “standard” market study to create a nice-looking application for the bank or the investors.

Instead, we look for very specific information and metrics calculated from the top down to the smallest detail, in areas like Real Estate, Finance, Construction and Marketing. We won’t go looking for data – we want you to be the main player of this process – but we’ll guide you as to what information to look for and how to analyze the results.

As for you and your profile, we’ll only deal with specific points that are relevant to a manager of an indoor or outdoor 5-a-side soccer center and a business creator.

The results of the investigation are condensed in a professional document that shows, in detail and with proof of facts, the potential of your project and that you can eventually use to start looking for a location, to raise funds or simply reassure yourself and your partners.

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