Our vast expertise makes WSBSPORT the n.1 consultant in the market today. However, our company originally started as a manufacturer and installer of 5-a-side soccer courts and sports club outfits so we know exactly what you need.

5-a-side soccer fields: our specialty products

We supply and install state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor soccer systems, indoor and outdoor 5-a-side fields, Jorkyball 2v2 soccer and multi-sports fields, padel courts, etc.. WSBSPORT is the exclusive worldwide supplier for many companies and brands like Fut5®, Jorkyball®, Monclub, Futbol Futbol France, Fit Five Belgium, 5 Factory China, US5 Soccer and Sofive in the USA, to name a few.
The materials we use are approved by many Football Federations all over the world. Moreover, choosing the right materials means that you can reduce maintenance costs and time and help your club enjoy a longer lifespan. We can help you make the right choices from design to the realization of the project. Remember that maintenance begins before construction.
All our products are developed and customized according to your needs, while respecting safety and quality standards. Several technical solutions like LED and domotic and video systems are available to enhance the player’s experience.

Indoor soccer center customization: reception, function hall, locker rooms, shop area, snack area, etc.

We provide ideal solutions for indoor and outdoor soccer centers that are aesthetic, solid and economical. Our technical service will provide tailored construction based on your plans and compliant with regulations for premises open to the public: reception, restaurant and bar space, lounge, shop area, men’s and women’s changing rooms, area for disabled customers, storage, offices, etc.


The choice of decoration material is a fundamental element of successfully completing your project. Our catalog also includes a wide selection of floor coverings (hardwood, carpet, PVC, linoleum, synthetic turf, etc.). These products are aesthetic and economical.

Our reception/snack bar/shop counters

WSBSPORT’s solutions help you make the most of your center’s reception, letting just one person run the shop/snack bar/payment counter, and at a price much lower than a traditional snack bar counter.

Changing room accessories

A wide selection: coat-hangers, benches, changing benches, lockers, closets, etc. Hundreds of references exist for every configuration. Products that will let you efficiently equip and complete any space.
You’ll always find the solution adapted to your budget in our products. With simple, heavy-duty equipment, you’ll get unbeatable value for your money.

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