Investing in the 5-a-side business

As with any project, even for a 5-a-side soccer facility, the first step consists of assessing your personal financial resources and those of your future business partners: what are your current financial resources? Will you be alone in financing your project? Are you and your future partners eligible for financial aid? Do you know the local initiative platforms that may contribute to your personal investment?

Our role consists of helping you to develop a financing plan that is credible and realistic in terms of your resources to realize your indoor soccer center: no investment or expenditure relating to starting your future business is left out. Banks need to have a full, accurate application backed by concrete elements.

But what happens if your plan is credible and realistic and you and your partners make a perfect team…but you don’t have credit status? That happens, for example, when your project is not in your country of residence and you cannot access bank loans.

WSBSPORT can help you access alternative funding. We have an extensive network of angel investors that will also offer plenty of mentoring and coaching on top of the money provided.

We will therefore assess your team and your project and, if we see potential, then we will prepare an investment document targeted not to the banks but to the proliferating group of professionals such as football players, lawyers, former business associates — or better yet, seasoned entrepreneurs interested in helping out the next generation.
WSBSPORT might decide to invest in your project directly, and that will reassure other investors. Having an amazing team and a solid project is key, millions of dollars are there waiting to invest in your business in return for a piece of the action!

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