In our philosophy, each club is like the totem in a Native American Village… and you are the Big Chief.

You must become the reference meeting place for your tribe, and there are three factors of success for this: entertainment, entertainment, entertainment.

The opening of your indoor soccer center is a key moment.
We’ll help you with this so your opening day will be a good start to your new business!

Once your indoor soccer center is open, you still can’t relax. The first six months should be when you create your customer base. Our team of experts will help you design this schedule and look for the best means of communication.

Ready to finally take a break? It’s still not the time, because the best way to make your business last is to create loyalty with your best customers: by better preparing your whole strategy (CRM, HR, Services +, etc.), you’ll be giving yourself better chances to become the meeting place for your whole region.

We constantly survey the market in search of new tools for our clients : video systems to catch and share the highligths of the matches, devices able to track the player’s performance on the field, management tools for your leagues and ladders.

And on top of that, we have been event organizers for nearly 20 years and are able to create and manage the most suitable promotional and sporting events for your venue.

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