WSBSPORT was founded by Pierfrancesco Iazeolla, a pioneer in the market of small sided soccer.  The WSB story begins in the 1990 during the FIFA World Cup in Italy when Pierfrancesco launched Jorkyball®, a new type of football played 2 against 2, on a global scale.

Pierfrancesco created the full architecture of the new game, the Jorkyball® Licensed Clubs concept, tournaments schemes and the framework for international governing bodies to allow the worldwide community to play and exchange…in a world where Facebook did not even exist. In few years, Jorkyball® was exported to many countries and was controlled by an international federation (FIJA) based in Lausanne.

Through this experience, Pierfrancesco realized that 5-a-side soccer, a popular form of small-sided football ubiquitous in Italy, was nearly absent abroad. He decided to invest the know-how gained in his Jorkyball® in a new business created to build, support and market 5-a-side experiences everywhere in the world.

WSBSPORT immediately became the leader in consultancy and construction of 5-a-side clubs first in France with “Futbol Futbol” and then worldwide.

WSBSPORT combines extensive and undisputed know-how with state-of-the-art playing equipment exclusively made in Italy, where soccer is a religion and manufacturing is reputed worldwide.

In almost 15 years of experience, WSBSPORT has offered its services to more than 150 creators in 13 different countries in 4 continents. The company operates mainly in Europe and has recently launched projects in United States and China. Moreover, WSBSPORT successfully works alongside important  5-a-side brands such as Monclub (France), Futbol Club (Italy), The Football Center (Dubai), So Five (New York, USA), US5 Center (Los Angeles, USA), Fit Five (Belgium)and 5 Factory (China) in the mission to create the best 5 a side experience everywhere in the world.

Premiere Players like Jordi Alba, Yacine Brahimi, Ryad Boudebouz and Djibril Sidibe have come to WSBSPORT for advice on their investments.  WSBSPORT still owns the 3rd French 5-a-side club networks, Futbol Futbol, with 13 licensed clubs.

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