American Esports vol.1


“Ideas are what America has done. Ideas are what America is looking for. ” Bruce Lee

Starting here, is inevitable not to think that we are talking about a country that with all its strengths and weaknesses has tried to evolve through ideas and people. American sport with its power of involvement and the interest aroused in every part of the world can be defined as a concrete representation of a succession of ideas and innovations. Furtheremore, the USA has a much younger history than the old continent and so the competitive sport is thus considered as a staging of the mythology and “legendary” that Europeans find more easily in the history of literature and of the Greek theater (Nike’s reference to the victory is not a coincidence).

Another factor that has strongly influenced the American involvement for esports is their obsession with statistics in sports, easily verifiable with statistics also advanced in the various esports.
Here are three points that recall the differences between American and European sports journalism, in this case the Spanish one.

It is therefore easy to imagine that the advent of esports has found fertile ground in America, especially California and Nevada because of their focus in the entertainment market.

It is precisely in the USA, and precisely at Stanford University, that the first Spaceware tournament was held among the students, advertised at the time as an “” Intergalactic spacewar olympics “. This event is considered by historians to be the “first stone” of the esports world.

From those intergalactic olympics, steps forward have been made, and the esports world has developed like wildfire on the planet and in particular in the East.

China, Japan and Korea in fact have not only been admiring and chasing the American idea, but they have developed their own solid and independent culture of the esport world.
Speaking of numbers, here are the revenues of the “top 10 countries in the esport”:


So now it is up to the USA to share and create ever more innovative contexts in order to be able to gallop the trend.
For this reason, they decided to specialize in esport events and in general in the videogame industry.
It is with these basics that the E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) in Los Angeles is born.
Founded in 1995, ESA (event organizer) offers ample opportunity for exposure to all players in the esports world.
This year, recording a turnout of 69200 spectators, the event focused on the development of the competitive world, attracting the public through the development of games that aim with online multiplayer to enter the top competitive games.


It is no coincidence that cities where technology is loved and studied through the most well-known colleges are those most known cities in the esports world

A separate mention deserves what is happening in Arlington.

“By the end of autumn, the largest stadium dedicated to eSports in the United States will be completed near Dallas. This is a project of about 10 million dollars, which gave life to the Arlington Convention Center. In an area of over 9,000 square meters, the prestigious Populous architecture studio will create a stadium of about 3000 seats. The capacity may seem limited, especially if compared to that of our plants, but this will allow us not to have major problems filling the structure. ”

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