WSBSPORT has recently concluded an agreement with Sarah Leleu Tavano and Nassim Mazari for the construction of the first 5-a-side club dedicated to the expansion of women’s football in France. The club will be called “Foot Hall”.

We met Sarah who told us about her experience and her project with WSBSPORT.

She started playing 5-a-side soccer after playing 11-a-side soccer in winter, when it was too cold for outdoor sports. For this reason, she stopped playing football to devote herself to indoor soccer with a group of friends, both girls and boys. They started playing about 2 times a week in one of the centers in their region.

She also talked about her passion for 5-a-side: “I loved playing 5-a-side soccer from the beginning: it’s very physical and l I managed to improve my technique right away. It’s not the same thing, it’s very different to 11-a-side … “.

In the north of France, 5-a-side is increasingly successful. Women’s soccer also began to develop in France, girls and women are increasingly willing to play with each other or in mixed groups, on weekends or evenings during the week. For the moment it is still a niche activity since 5-a-side clubs only communicate with the male market so women do not have the right spirit to go and play in these facilities.

WBSPORT and Sarah, will create a center that will meet two industry expectations: the digital and the female sector. The digital sector with dedicated technologies, both on the field reservation process and on the field equipment itself. As for the female universe, the club will be addressed to both women and men, however providing an offer dedicated solely to women, which does not exist in any other center.

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