The # 1 sport in Canada is Hockey but in recent years soccer has become very strong with the arrival of players of international stature such as Didier Drogba to the Montreal Impact team.

The market seems to have great potential as there are large Latin, Italian and Arab communities that by the nature of their culture are soccer players. 5-a-side comes to Canada to cover an already existing demand.


Albert ZBILY director and founder of the “International Federation of Corporate Football” along with two of his best friends Sofiane Okba (Entrepreneur) and Marc Ameti-Yekple (Programming Engineer at UBISOFT) decided to create the first 5 a side club in Montreal with latest generation pitches built by WSBSPORT.


The club is in an unbeatable location in Montreal, a few kilometers from the International Airport and within a well known commercial/industrial area easily accessible thanks to its proximity to highway 40 that crosses the city of Montreal.

Previously, this site was used for Hockey allowing considerable savings to investors since the clubhouse, changing rooms and offices were already built and only required a very light remodeling. The premises allowed the installation of 3 5-a-side pitches using WSBSPORT technology. The intermediate walls can be dismantled in less than an hour so that the large field can be used for major football events. The lawn to be installed, will be aFIFA 2-star approved diamond model with schock pad.


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