From identification to resemblance

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Great sports moments have always inspired generations.

Thousands of kids started kicking the ball from the desire to retrace the footsteps of their football idol and every week, among the myriad of passionate football fans, there are those who for just 60 minutes identifies themselves in his favorite footballer, transforming, with fantasy, a match between friends in a Champions League final, determining the passage from identification to resemblance.

In recent years this phenomenon has evolved and the link between fans and players has become increasingly tight. This is mainly due to two reasons: players have become more and more entertainment stars and there have been new forms of communication.

While in the past the fan could only “see” his idol exclusively during the game, today thanks to social networks and new media there is a direct and continuous interaction.

The fan perceives his idol ever closer and feels the need to emulate it not only on the ground but in every aspect of everyday life. That is why we are witnessing the growing presence of people looking for the greatest resemblance – even physically – with their idol imitating their clothing, hairstyles, tattoos, etc.

This need for resemblance to the favorite player is inherent in the psyche of modern calciophilic and is one of those levers the wise club manager has to take into account in setting up an effective marketing strategy (in the sense of “going to maket”).

What business opportunities come from this dynamics, and how can the 5-a-side modern club take advantage of it?

The axis on which to move is that:


in order to create a true relationship between the client and the 5-a-side club and foster the passage from identification to resemblance.

The technique is that of the “staged scene”, for which the client feels immersed in the same context in which his idol moves (in the case of his membership club, or a hypothetical “Best Team” created to art).

We’ll talk about staging techniques and practical applications for the ideal facility in the next article.


*In collaboration with Luca De Angelis

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